Low Back Pain

  • Difficulty or pain when standing up straight in the morning or after sitting
  • Belt line pain when sitting or driving
  • SI joint pain or previous treatment for this issue
  • ​Pain when bending forward or getting dressed in the morning
  • ​Pain after walking or being on feet for a certain amount of time


  • Pain or numbness “in the butt”, back of the thigh or all the way down the leg
  • Pain on the “sit bone”
  • Chronic tightness or repeated injuries in the hamstrings

Hip Pain

  • Muscle knots that feel stiff or painful and limit movement
  • Pinching in the front of the hip or groin when getting out of the car
  • Painful joint movement, especially after increased activity such as walking, or running
  • ​Hip clicks frequently, sometimes feels stuck or catches during movement
  • ​Prior diagnosis of “bursitis”

Knee Pain

  • Pain in the back or side of the knee or lower thigh especially when doing stairs or running
  • Sharp, pinching or catching on the sides or back of knee that you can point to with one finger
  • Pain below the kneecap that is worse later in the day or the next day after being more active
  • ​Grinding, painful and stuck feeling of the joint usually with noticeable increase in the joint bony size on the inside of the knee
  • ​IT Band pain on the side of the knee and along the side of the thigh

Foot + Ankle Pain

  • Stabbing knife like pain with first step in the morning (i.e. Plantar Fasciitis)
  • Achilles pain that goes away after warming up, but then keeps coming back
  • Pain in the back of the ankle or foot as you step out of the car
  • ​Limitation or pain going downstairs
  • ​Intense pain in the shin with running

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