Meet Dr. Matt & The Team

Dr. Matt Buffan

I was too late…

When I first launched my medical career – it was all wrong.

I wanted to do something of value, to help people in an impactful way. I earned a degree in Psychology from SUNY Geneseo. I had research skills. So, I started working with cancer patients who were involved in clinical trials.

After all, what’s more meaningful than helping cancer patients, right?

I was responsible for setting patients up on new experimental drugs. Most of the time, these were terminally ill patients. These were the people that everyone had all but given up on. At this point, what did they have to lose?
The thing is…

Working with these people in this way didn’t feel right.

Now, don’t get me wrong. These patients were the most amazing people I had ever met. They were so strong and resilient. They were able to persevere despite the extreme pain and drastic changes to their body they experienced as a result of their disease and their treatment.

But I was helping make these people into nothing more than data points in a clinical trial.

I wanted to do more for people. But what?

That’s when the realization struck me…

I wanted to help people BEFORE they reach the end stage. I wanted to help them before they needed palliative care. I wanted to help people live their very best life with health and vitality.

It was at this time that I discovered a profession in which I could help people get rid of pain naturally and live a life fully in line with what nature intended for us.

I was going to be a chiropractor!

Well, I studied at New York Chiropractic College and I became a chiropractor…

And it STILL wasn’t enough!

Through my journey into chiropractic care and beyond, I have learned a VERY important thing…

People need someone who can figure out the root cause of their pain.

Now, I had learned a lot up to this point. My chiropractic studies had taught me about anatomy, neurology, pathology, and healing without drugs and surgery. It was amazing.

Yet, it STILL wasn’t enough!

I had to dig deeper.

To do that, I became a conference junkie. I travelled across the country, learning about functional rehabilitation, biomechanics, motion palpation, and advanced soft tissue techniques to resolve fibrous adhesion.

Big words, I know. But I finally had all the pieces!

I decided to become a soft tissue expert. I became certified by Integrative Diagnosis™ in Manual Adhesion Release™ (MAR) and Instrument Adhesion Release ™ (IAR).
And I developed my Movement Rx prescription for pain.
It is a simple system of diagnosing the source of pain, using soft tissue techniques to fix it at the source, and prescribing exercise and a balanced lifestyle specific to the person and their needs.

Movement Rx has literally given people their life back from the day I started using it.

Dan - Clinical Assistant

Hi! I’m Dan, a clinical assistant at Roc Spine + Sports. 

I’m excited to be here because I want to help people do what they love to do without worrying about their body! 

 When I started working with Dr. Matt Buffan, I had recently ended a career traveling as a professional musician. (I play the bass!) I knew that a desk job wasn’t going to work for me. 

Since starting here, I really enjoy meeting people who are in a tough place that need a plan solving their problem, then seeing them make functional progress, and learning about what they love to do. 

For me, I love getting treatment so I can be on the mountain, biking or skiing, playing lacrosse and jamming on my bass!

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