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relief for  pain.

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Dr. Matt Buffan Pain Relief Specialist
Dr. Matt Buffan & Dr. Alex Kuehl provide  results to achieve Freedom From Pain.
The mission of Movement Rx Pain Relief  is 
to provide Freedom From Pain

 Our doctors are experts in soft tissue diagnosis and treatment

We are the Rochester area’s only Integrative Diagnosis ™ certified Manual Adhesion Release™ providers

Pain Specialist, Back Pain, Neck Pain
Muscle Expert Beyond Massage

Our Movement Rx guides a person to achieve freedom from pain

Our specialized approach provides functional results that last that other providers are unable to achieve. 

Our Movement Rx treatment is specialized.

We only accept cases where the patient has had their pain for at least three months and have been seen by at least two other providers without lasting results

What our patients said...

Rick Suhr
Husband and Coach of Olympic Gold Medalist Jenn Suhr

"Dr. Matt takes the treatment of his patients personal, which is huge. 

The difference with him is he'll figure it out, he'll take as long as he needs, it's personal to him to figure it out and that's the guy you want treating you, the guy who takes it personal and says 'this is my challenge, I'm going to figure out what's wrong with the patient, I'm going to get it right."
Michelle G.

Scared, sore, skeptical...

"That was me walking into Dr. Buffan's office for my first appointment/consult. He worked to develop a plan specific to my issue & started treatment. It took about 5-6 sessions for me to become pain free. He then started to focus on building strength in my lower back. Dr. Matt & Dan are incredible & work very well together. I was always comfortable & felt confident that the treatment was actually right for me despite walking into his office on day one not fully believing in his profession. Manual adhesion release really works!! I haven’t felt this good, this strong, this pain free in such a long time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Buffan. You’ve changed my life!"
Ellen B.

Dr. Matt has helped me like no other practitioners have been able to.

"I tried a variety of treatment modalities and Dr. Matt's chiropractic care was by far the most successful. As an active dancer and yogi, I move daily. My back injury was preventing me from doing what I love and some days from even getting up out of bed. Thanks to Dr. Matt, my pain is controlled without medication and I have the tools I need to help keep my back issues at bay. I recommend him readily."
Kerry H.

Dr. Matt searches, finds where the problem really is.

"I leave his office feeling 10x better than when I walked in." 

Andrea W.

"I have gone to numerous chiropractors over the past ten years...

and never got results like I have with Dr. Matt! He has seriously transformed my quality of life! To be free of headaches and migraines is something I couldn't have pictured two years ago. Dr. Matt truly is a healer!!!!"
Lori D.

"I tried everything to relieve my chronic, severe low back pain.

A result of a spinal infection and osteoarthritis. Nothing gave me sustained relief until seeing Dr. Matt and receiving about eight adhesion release treatments. Before I saw a chiropractor on a continuous basis for years with no sustained relief. Dr. Matt's goal is to get you healthy and teach you how to sustain a pain free, yet healthy, active lifestyle. I workout now 3-4 days per week with very little to no pain. I was referred by a friend who successfully avoided foot surgery by seeing Dr. Matt. I would refer a friend or family member in a minute."

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